Jumana Adham Husseini


Mrs.Jumana Husseini worked as a senior embryologist and lab director, as well as a trainer for junior embryologists for the last 25 years, in Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Dubai. She is currently the Lab director and senior embryologist at New Hope IVF Gynaecology and Fertility hospital Sharjah. Her goal is to utilize her knowledge and experience to serve those who suffer from infertility and to make the IVF lab at New Hope IVF Gynaecology and Fertility Hospital, by God’s Will, the most successful lab in the Middle East.

Mrs. Jumana worked at Al Salama Hospital in Jeddah, KSA in the IVF unit as the senior embryologist for 8 years under the guidance of Dr. Magdy El Sheikh and Dr. Samir Abbas. In 1996 she joined the Dubai Fertility Center under the guidance of Professor Ian Craft, and soon left to Palestine, her home country, in 1997 to become involved in the establishment of one of the IVF units in the West Bank, the Med Lab IVF unit (al Hiba) in Ramallah. In 1998 she Joined Dr. Salem Abu Khaizaran’s IVF team at Razan IVF unit in Nablus as the Senior Embryologist and Lab Director. She returned to Dubai and joined the Dubai Gynaecology and Fertility center again in 2002. In 2004 she joined the team who set up the Conceive Gynaecology and Fertility clinic in Sharjah where she served as the Lab Director and Senior Embryologist for seven years, before embarking on her life’s dream of partnering in the establishment of a unique fertility clinic, the New Hope IVF Gynaecology and Fertility hospital, in 2011.

Mrs. Jumana started her career in 1988 in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, after earning a bachelor degree in Biology and Chemistry from Bethlehem University in Palestine.She trained for embryology and the cryopreservation of animal embryos at the Cambridge Research Station in the UK in 1989. She started her training on assisted fertilization by intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) at the Center for Reproductive medicine in association with the University of Brussels in 1994. She pursued her training by attending courses and workshops on Techniques and applications of Molecular Biology at the Warwick University England and on Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis at the University College London. To enrich and expand her knowledge in human embryology and ART techniques she visited several leading IVF units in England. Following in her desire to continuously upgrade her knowledge of her field, Mrs. Jumana got her Masters in Clinical Embryology with distinction from the University of Leeds UK in 2009.