IVF Lite

In IVF treatment, gonadotropin injections are used to stimulate the ovaries to increase the number of available eggs. Conventional IVF protocols are expensive, inconvenient and are associated with side effects.

IVF Lite or Minimal Stimulation IVF has regained favor due to the realization that it is associated with fewer side effects, incurs a lower risk of Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome (OHSS), has a lower cost and good success rates. New Hope IVF offers IVF Lite as a cost effective and safer alternative to the standard IVF program.

What is IVF Lite?

IVF Lite involves a soft stimulation protocol with lesser amount of fertility drugs. When combined with Embryo Accumulation using the Cryotech Vitrification Technology (ACCU-VIT), it provides a very efficient and cost effective alternative to conventional IVF. It is designed to retrieve only a few eggs in each ovarian stimulation cycle. Stimulation in this manner has been associated with better quality eggs and hence better quality embryos. In other words, it is a simpler treatment schedule with lower doses of drugs, fewer risks (from Multiple Pregnancy and Over-stimulation) and consequently reduced cost. IVF Lite goes easy on your ovaries and easier on your finances.

What Does the Minimal Stimulation IVF Procedure Involve?

Instead of the high doses of fertility injections used in conventional IVF cycles, Clomiphene Citrate tablets, a low dose of fertility injections (Gonadotropins) and GnRH Antagonist injections are used in the softer IVF Lite stimulation protocol. Egg retrieval is planned 34-36 hours after the hCG trigger. All retrieved eggs are fertilized with the males partner’s sperm and the resulting embryos are frozen on day 2/3. A frozen Embryo Transfer is planned in a remote cycle.

Today we can offer IVF Lite to almost everyone requiring IVF. The groups which traditionally benefited from minimal stimulation IVF are Poor Responders. Older patients (above age 40), women with multiple previous conventional IVF failures and Hyper-responders (like patients with PCOS who go repeatedly into Ovarian Hyper-stimulation). Today, because of the cost advantages & much higher success rates, we have extended the indications of IVF Lite to almost all patients requiring IVF/ICSI. If IVF Lite sounds appealing to you, discuss with your Fertility Physician at New Hope IVF whether it is suitable for you.

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