Bt (Blastocyst Transfer or Embryo Transfer)

Embryos naturally reach the uterus after their trip through the fallopian tubes to implant at the stage of Blastocyst development around Day5 or Day6. In IVF/ICSI it improves the chances to get pregnant and also helps to decide and calculate the growing potential of embryos. This involves the culture of embryos for 5 days in the incubators in the IVF laboratory to a stage called the Blastocyst. This helps in the selection of embryos most likely to implant, Blastocyst transfer is done in cases where the number of good embryos exceeds three on Day2 of embryo culture.

The concept of embryo quality is a very important one for couples experiencing infertility. With blastocyst embryo transfer, we can transfer fewer embryos, thus reducing risks of a pregnancy with multiple fetuses while keeping overall pregnancy rates high. The female’s suitability to implementing this protocol will be evaluated by the treating doctor and the senior embryolo.

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